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Europe & Asia

SaltWay is a global sales, marketing agency and distribution company leading in special interest books & media. They are based in Gloucestershire, England. With a highly experienced and widely knowledgeable
team, their unrivaled international network of agents and their unique blend of high level selling skills and special interest expertise has help them become one of the strongest sales team in publishing. SaltWay’s
ability to handle high pro le trade titles as well as publications aimed at more niche audiences ensures that that publishers and authors lose no opportunity to reach their audiences.

Orca Book Services is a distribution & fulfillment company located in Dorset, England. Founded in 1976, Orca has provided its publishers clients with a comprehensive range of distribution services, which it provides to over fifty UK and overseas, general, academic and specialist publishers. As part of Marston Book Services the company is made up of dedicated, friendly professionals, and a management team who
fully understands book distribution and the needs of publishers and authors, Their state of the art technology, and network of strategically located distribution centers, gives Orca/Marston a competitive edge to reach major booksellers, online retailers, and institutions in the UK and the rest of Europe.


Page One Distribution Services countries of influence are in Asia, Africa and Australasia. They hold market- leading positions in the arts (pure and applied), professional and reference, tertiary academic, school supply and children books. Page One works with all the key players: chain, retail, wholesale, non-traditional outlets, universities, etc. Their distribution service is set for outright purchase or consignment. They cover over 1,000 outlets in Southeast Asia. Page One owns and manages a large network of well designed upscale art and design bookstores, all centrally located as well as in the most prestigious shopping malls and airports in the region.


Artron was founded in 1993, in Beijing, China. Today the company stands as one of the strongest and most active cultural institution in the country. With a multifaceted presence, as distributors, bookstore owners and administrators, publishers, art dealers, curators, etc., Artron sales network is constantly growing particularly within the art, design, architecture and photography felds. The company currently owns “” the most visited Chinese website within the art and design communities.

United States

Continental Sales Inc., from Barrington, IL, is a North American distribution company in the publishing industry, specializing in the fields of architecture, design, landscape architecture, urbanism, interior design, photography, and contemporary art. The company has sales offices and agents across the US and Canada, and collaborates with local representatives in most states and regions to ensure a strong market presence.

National Book Network (NBN), founded in 1986, is one of the largest book distributors in North
America. They are an experienced and trusted book distributor committed to providing a broad range of
distribution services for our clients. They are a top-twenty supplier to every major customer in the United
States and Canada, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram. NBN sales force
has years of experience and has honed this hands-on experience to gain access to the major retailers,
wholesalers, online retailers and independent book and gift stores and to secure prime shelf space for
our clients’ books.

Latin America

Nicolas Friedmann / RED Representatives had more than ten years of experience selling architecture and design books to the Central and South American market. Nicolas Friedmann works directly with bookshops and book distributors as well as local sales representatives, libraries, and universities. Their territory encompasses Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. Friedmann exhibits at the most important Latin American book fairs including LIBER, Buenos Aires Book Fair and FIL Guadalajara.


Sudarshan Book Distributors (SBD) was founded in India in 1982 with a single-minded focus on becoming the region’s most dynamic and innovative creative-resource specialist. During the past twenty- ve years the ad Industry across the region has grown by leaps and bounds, and SBD contributes to its success by providing top industry publications and reference material to advertising agencies, graphic designers, architects, developers, and related professionals across India. The company has an extensive marketing network of representatives to service its clients, with an active presence in key cities such as Delhi and Mumbai.