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About Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers

At Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers we have one clear mission: we are determined to make a substantial cultural contribution with each one of our books. We are an international team of designers, writers, editors and industry professionals with an extensive record of accomplishment, who are committed to the advancement of knowledge in various fields of design and the production of quality books as creative artifacts.

We believe that architecture and design are critically important disciplines that affect every aspect of our lives on scales ranging from the monumental to the personal. We equally believe that the ideas enshrined in these disciplines must be communicated to as wide an audience as possible, in the most articulate and coherent manner possible. Architects and designers are only as good as their ideas and, given that they shape homes, neighborhoods, cities and entire countries, changing and improving lives even as they provoke and cause controversy, they should be given an appropriate medium for them to be heard, considered and discussed. We want to provide this medium. Although we have our own vision and direction, our role as publishers is to give equal exposure to a wide variety of ideologies and philosophies that consistently and intelligently aim to respond to the realities and issues that affect the world we live in.

With our list, we hope to provide a space for some of the best architects and designers in the world to present their work and principals in a fashion that can be understood effectively. Contemporary Architecture and Design is a limitless field and it is our goal to explore and focus our attention on its multiple means of expression. From trend setters generated in the world’s great hubs, to small regional and remote cultures more in-tune with specific and practical needs, our book list will be enriched by this diversity. We never rule out any perspective or point of view, and over the years, we have become known for helping young practices on their way to establishing a more noticeable venue for their fresh and valuable ideas.

We wish to reflect the importance of this work in our own field, through books which are thoughtful, innovative and useful. They should be outstanding works of craftsmanship in their own right, effective means of communication, and also champions of the work of the architects and designers featured within them. They should contain persuasive arguments, reasoned solutions, and inspiring ideals.

Our mission is thus characterized by a dedication to excellence in architecture and design and, most importantly, a passion for the significance and beauty of books.