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“The particular nature of Estudio Ramos's work is strongly conferred from the use of the exposed concrete. It evokes stone, which emphasizes its qualities of durability and hardness while being crafted in an artistic manner. ”

Estudio Ramos: honest modernism

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Estudio Ramos honest modernism


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Foreword by Eduardo Leston
Introduction by Roberto Fernández
Interview by Vladimir Belogolovsky
Epilogue by Juan I. Ramos and Ignacio Ramos 
Edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda


Based in Buenos Aires and New York, Estudio Ramos has developed a distinctive style that relies on a welldefined vision of modernism.

Their goal is to encourage reflection through a simple, pure, and honest architectural language. Through 35 years of experience the firm has developed its work with a deep respect for architecture’s principles. In their long trajectory of residential and commercial building they seek to understand and interpret each project’s context, pursuing its ideal scale and sustainability.

Estudio Ramos
honest modernism

Book Size: 8.5 x 11 in / 215.9 x 279.4 mm
Format: Portrait  
Pages: 672
Language: English
Photographs: 640
Illustrations: 270
Edition/ISBN: Hardcover (978-1-946226-30-3)