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“Coral Gables would become Merrick’s legacy, his “poetry in stone.””

Coral Gables: José Gelabert-Navia

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Coral Gables José Gelabert-Navia


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Texts and Drawings by José Gelabert-Navia
Edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda

At the turn of the 20th Century, Florida remained one the last true untouched frontiers of the United States. It existed as a primeval paradise removed from civilization where idealistic individuals set out to establish utopian communities and real estate development with no other context than the sea and the tropical brush.

Coral Gables became the vision of George Merrick, who along with his uncle, Denman Fink and the landscape architect Frank Button, created a layout based on the principles of the City Beautiful Movement. Along with Phineas Paist they designed landmarks such as the Venetian Pool (1925), the De Soto Fountain (1925), the Douglas Entrance (1924), the City Hall (1928), and the Police and Fire Station (1939).

George Merrick published his first book, Song of the Wind on a Southern Shore in 1920. Shortly afterwards he launched Coral Gables. He would never realize his dream of devoting his life to written poetry, instead Coral Gables would become his legacy, his “poetry in stone.”

Coral Gables: José Gelabert-Navia

Book Size: 8.86 in x 8.86 in
Format: Square
Pages: 25
Language: English
Illustrations: 32
Edition/ISBN: Clamshell box (978-1-946226-74-7)