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“Our work is foremost an attempt to honestly reflect our client’s lifestyle and priorities rather than to project a preconceived architectural style... Our approach to design can be messy, highly iterative and ambiguous – just like people. If there is a consistent thread to our work during almost 25 years of practice and hundreds of projects, it is that we have placed the practical needs of clients and their communities first.”

ESSAYS & ESSAIES: DNM Architecture

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Foreword by Xavier Soule
Essays by David Marlatt
Principal Photography by Jamie Leasure, Joseph Schell, Tyler Chartier, and Andre Bernard


For almost a quarter-century, DNM Architecture, under the leadership of Principal David Marlatt, AIA, have been producing awardwinning, innovative and environmentally friendly buildings across the San Francisco Bay Area. This in-depth study shows how the firm’s client-oriented, flexible philosophy is enhanced by its expertise in 3D CAD software to produce sensitive and highly successful responses to the brief in question, taking into account function, style, budget, codes, context, schedule, energy efficiency, and dozens of other considerations. In Essays and Essaies, detailed and extensively documented examinations of outstanding projects such as Deer Park and Petaluma Pastoral are accompanied by more reflective essays by Marlatt in which he looks back over his career and shares his insights into the practice of architecture in the present and future, the firm’s underlying principles and much more.


DNM Architecture


Book Size: 9 x 10 in / 228.6 x 254 mm
Format: Portrait
Pages: 200
Language: English
Photographs: 250
Illustrations: 50
Edition/ISBN: Hardcover (978-1-946226-99-0)