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“Each project by Field Architecture is an intimate conversation between architecture and the land—a dialogue that cultivates a lasting bond between people and places.”

Field Architecture: Conversations with the Land

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Field Architecture Conversations with the Land


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Texts by Tami Hausman
Foreword by Stan Field
Introduction by Juhani Pallasmaa
Essays by Aaron Betsky and Jess Field
Photography by Joe Fletcher & Matthew Millman


The first book by father-and-son team Stan and Jess Field reveals an inspirational collection of projects that balances the beauty of human creation and the purity of natural systems. The Fields bring a vision of architecture that is deeply connected to the land such that each of the buildings in this volume forms a symbiotic relationship with the distinctive landscape that inspired it. The living environments unfold as a series of closely choreographed spatial and sensory experiences. Each reflects the alchemy that occurs when buildings and their natural settings are intimately intertwined, as these buildings are. They not only capture—but also elevate—the ineffable feeling of living with the land.

Conversations with the Land follows the architects’ journey of exploration across the places and events that influenced their creative process. From their native country of South Africa to their adopted home in Northern California, Stan and Jess learned how to pair architecture with natural terrain by examining its range and diversity. This book captures the insights and moments of discovery gained from their encounters with the land. The Fields’ responsive approach and meticulous execution extends to every element of their architectural practice, from considering the way that a tree casts a shadow on a wall to carefully orchestrating a project to minimize the impact of construction on a site. The book includes a Q&A with Stan Field; an essay by Jess Field on his sources of inspiration; sketches and models that they use as design tools; and a portfolio of 10 exquisitely crafted houses shaped by the imprint of the natural world and beautifully documented by acclaimed photographers Joe Fletcher and Matthew Millman.


Field Architecture
Conversations with the Land


Book Size: 9.05 x 11.6 in / 229.87 x 294.64 mm
Format: Portrait
Pages: 400
Language: English
Photographs: 250
Illustrations: 60
Edition/ISBN: Hardcover (978-1-946226-61-7)
Hardcover in Slipcase   (978-1-946226-97-6)