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“The distinctive feature of Axel Nieberg’s architecture lies in his sublime use of light in combination with a natural materiality. His expressive buildings follow minimalist lines of thought. Light is the decisive design approach for him. The sensitive joining of components and materials in combination with outstanding proportioning characterize his works. Due to his design quality Axel Nieberg has received numerous international awards and is a member of the German Design Council.”


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Interview by Uwe Cremering & Axel Nieberg
Photography by Axel Nieberg
Edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda


The Japanese wabi-sabi doctrine is reflected in his choice of materials. Natural materials weather over time, enhancing their beauty. His buildings are often characterized by solid materials such as exposed concrete and brick. For Axel Nieberg, the creation of expressive atmospheres is paramount. Intensive light planning is always part of his creations. The rooms should be an experience and captivate the residents and viewers. In doing so, he focuses on the aura of calm and contemplation. Voidness in connection with special lighting moods means quality for him. Omission and renunciation are always part of his thought processes. His buildings need time. Time in the mental elaboration, time in the craftsmanship and time of the viewer to experience the minimalist spatial compositions. Nieberg’s comprehensive approach to design ranges from architecture and interior design to furniture and product design. Open space planning is also an important design content of his studio. The areas of responsibility are very diverse and range from large scales to small tasks. For Nieberg, the size of a task is not important, but only the demand for a special quality. 


Axel Nieberg


Book Size: 10.2 x 9.4 in / 260 x 245 mm
Format: Landscape
Pages: 384
Language: English
Photographs: 450
Illustrations: 30
Edition/ISBN: Hardcover (978-1-946226-73-0)